local author book program

Local Author Book Program

Congratulations on publishing your book! We know that was a major task. Now that the story is told you want to get it out to the masses. The Local Author Book Program allows us to carry books from local, emerging, debut, and new authors.

How do I get my book on the shelves at Janco Books?

Easily! Just fill out the application below, and our Book Curator will be in touch. 

Program Policy:

-JANCO will purchase 3 copies of the Author's book at 60% of the cover price. JANCO reserves the right to purchase additional inventory as needed/desired at 60% of the cover price for the duration of the contract. Purchases made after the expiration of the contract may be negotiated between the Author and JANCO. Contract duration will be 60 days from signing. JANCO reserves the right to extend the contract for an additional 30 days upon signed consent from the Author. 

-JANCO will host 1 reading / signing event for the Author. At said event Author agrees to have the book sold by JANCO, and will receive 40% of the book's sales from the event. 

-JANCO agrees to pay the author at the start of the contract the agreed upon purchase price of the inventory; for inventory sold at the signing / event JANCO will pay the author within TEN (10) business days of the event.   

-Author's will provide JANCO with their email subscription list for event marketing. 

-Author's agree to promote JANCO as a method of book purchasing on ALL promotional marketing sites, emails, social media, etc.

-JANCO and Author agree to co-promote signing / event. 

-During the signing / event any damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the author.

-ALL shipping charges are the responsibility of the author.

If you have any questions about the Local Author Book Program, please email books@jancobookstore.com  

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